Eliot - Forest Miracle

by Katerina Prokhorenko
Size: 8½″, one of a kind
Category: Fantasy creatures

Eliot - Forest Miracle

The tale of the Dragon. Excuse me for the translation. I hope the tale will understand and move you.

The birth of cubs in the family of dragons is very welcome and joyous event. Because kids can appear only once in several hundred years.
And this moment has come. All the dragon tribe watched in awe as quietly cracked the shell of shiny eggs. Under the General rejoicing of the small dragons began to get out of their shells. His purple scales shined in the light the flames of fires, and the snub-nosed face read curiosity and irrepressible energy. Only one kid different from the rest. His features were softer, and the color of the scales resembled the young foliage. But nobody counted him as a stranger. Because his eyes had so much love for the world that the dragon immediately won everyone's heart.
As time went on. The young dragons have grown and have learned to breathe fire. But not Eliot. Although everyone told him that it didn't matter, and it is beautiful in itself, the kid is very experienced. And that's when all of his brothers and sisters played in the meadow, he watched the clouds. It was a favorite pastime Elliot. The clouds reminded him of those great and good dragons, who also do not have a flame. And as it passed, they consoled him. Eliot waved back and quietly said:
"Mommy told me that our dreams be fulfilled in heaven. Please, give me fire."
And suddenly he noticed a small fire that quickly raced over him. Dragon couldn't believe his luck. He ran for his dream, which was flying to the woods...
The kid tried to catch the light, but his legs were still not that fast, but for flying it was too small. It was already dark, the stars barely seen the road. He tripped on a root of a mighty old oak and fell. When she rose, the light was gone. The world was dense forest, which he did not know. Here and there were heard frightening noises. Eliot didn't know what to do and started crying. No now he has no flame, no loving family...
And then the kid heard a quiet hum. Wiping his eyes from tears he saw on her shoulder the same light. It was a little bug that emits a soft warm light. And around it flew a flock of such lights. They where-that was his name, lighting the way. And the dragon went after them.
So he went in the company of his little friends, until I heard the voices of relatives. Saying goodbye to fireflies, Eliot came out of the woods and saw that the whole tribe is looking for him. And he felt very ashamed.
- I'm here!
Immediately the baby was surrounded by brothers and sisters, and my mother put him in a strong hug.
- You scared us! Why did you run?
- Excuse me! I wanted to find my fire...
- Silly, your fire is always with you. The flame of goodness in your heart warms us all.
This simple truth is so surprised the child that he laughed. Yes so loudly that he laughed and all the rest. Even the mighty cloud-dragons, but nobody heard...

And now a little bit about the dragon: created entirely by hand from Italian viscose; legs and head on the metal pins, the upper legs, body and tail have a flexible base; the belly is filled with soft elastic live pellets; glass eyes; wings entirely created by hand on wire frame, embroidered with beads and beads. The egg was designed in papier-mache from paper, painted and decorated with sequins; will come with the baby. Looking for a loving family that believes in magic!

Shipping cost: USD 20.00
(Russia United States)
Price: USD 185.00

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