by Katerina Prokhorenko
Size: 12″, one of a kind
Category: Dogs


A little puppy living in the house of the good old pilot. Entirely by hand sewn from German plush, in the body of the skeleton. Legs are reinforced with wire and mounted on metal pins. Eyes glass. Tinted artistic oil paints. Nose and paw pads are sculpted from polymer clay. Helmet, goggles and collar removable. The plane is completely handmade, made out of cardboard. Will come with puppy.
Lives on our old street pilot. Dark-skinned and broad-shouldered, good-natured, smelling of machine oil. Only silvery hair reminded others about his age.
For all the boys of the neighborhood he is a hero, best friend and counselor. Every night, not one pair of children's shoes were beating a path to the small house the old man Ollie. And there was met by a great fire, roasted marshmallows, and exciting stories about blue skies, hot Africa, dangerous maneuvers, and many others.
Though our Ollie was one of the most beautiful people I know their age has not found his family. He joked that in his youth was engaged with the sky. But, if you look at the bottom of his brown eyes gleamed with a sharp splinter of sadness.
One spring evening, everything changed. Then there was a terrible rain, and the pilot wasn't expecting. Lit a fire in the fireplace, brewed strong tea and was about to start reading yesterday's newspaper, what I was waiting for him on the table. But, to his surprise, there was a loud knock at the door and children's voices:
- Mr. Ollie! Mr. Ollie!
Opening the door, the pilot found the three boys. Wet and dirty, they looked at him with frightened eyes, full of tears. But in the hands of one of them was shaking a little puppy...
Getting on a Terry towel and a mug of hot milk with honey, the guys began vying to tell:
We ran home after extra classes, and then Max heard a cry! Imagine if a baby was crying! And here we found It - a finger pointed at the puppy, prigrevshegosya by the fireplace. – Look how skinny he is! And dirty! He is afraid of! We barely caught it!
- Okay, but why are you here now?
The boys hesitated and dropped his gaze. Only one dared to voice.
- We're not allowed to pick it up. Steven has two dogs, sisters Willie allergies, my... dad to kick him out. And you have... Absolutely none! And you are so kind! You really, really need!
- Really need? So yeah...
The old man again looked at the puppy. He stops shaking and sweetly yawned, looking at the fire dance. And from this picture are spilled in the shower Ollie is a long-forgotten warmth.
Well, if you say you need, the way it is.
Cries of joy filled the living room and disturbed already covered the hero of the occasion.
Here and lived in the house at the pilot a little fluffy ball of happiness. After a thorough dressing down, which led the puppy to the horror, it turned out that the hair is silky and light beige. And after a week of a full life he was altogether the most beautiful dog. Passed fear and sadness, and for them to replace it with curiosity and irrepressible energy. With the old man they went to aircraft hangars and digging mechanisms. Together enjoyed cheerios. Together fell asleep, dreaming about flying...
And suddenly, during one of the breakfasts, Ollie banged on the table.
- Flying!
Puppy surprise was distracted from his bowl.
- We had stayed here, and I generally dilapidated. But now I have the Shturman and the pair once again stand on the wing. Right, Shturman?
The puppy didn't respond. Because good dogs don't speak while eating.
Another month of this couple was spent in repairing the old plane Mr. Ollie. They came to help the other three boys and even the adults. Everyone wanted to be a little bit to be involved in the dream. But the most important contribution was made by miss Catherine. She made the Shturman a real helmet! Seeing his friend in new clothes, the old man laughed out loud.
- Well, a real Navigator!
And it's the day of the flight. The whole street gathered to conduct pilots. Were laughter, tears and best wishes. And then they got into the iron bird... and flew away.
Already the cold autumn has come, and our heroes are all there. But we know they remember us. Whenever the mailman brings another letter from them, all together read it. Each line of their stories imbued with happiness and the sunshine of other countries where is still summer. And each time the end of the same signature: "with love, Ollie and Shturman".

Shipping cost: USD 20.00
(Russia United States)
Price: USD 250.00

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